How to get a good car donation

Before you start selecting a spot for to donate your car, you may want to consider thinking about the charity and the organization that it stands for. You'll need to make sure that you think about the organization and how your donation will be used. Sometimes they will sell the car, and sometimes they will use the car (depending on the type of organization that you are dealing with). When it comes to cars that cannot be used, they are usually sold for parts or they are sold for scrap metal. 

When it comes to looking at the organization, you'll want to consider the efficiency rate. The efficient rate will allow you to see exactly where your money is going. For example; if you have a charity with a rating of 90%, then 90 cents of each dollar that is collected will go directly to the cause. If you would like to know where the other ten percent goes, then you'll have to understand that it is used in various ways to keep the organization going. The rating that you need to be looking for is 85% or above. If you are dealing with an organization that has a rating of less then 85%, then the charity may be managed poorly or it simply may not be a legitimate charity.

You'll find that most charities or non-profit government organizations will take your car donation so that they can keep funding the programs that they are involved, but also so that they can continue to offer services. You'll need to keep in mind that there are many ways that you can help not only the organization to continue their good work, but you'll be giving back to the local community. It is very important that you understand where your donation will go and how it will be used, because if it is not going to help society then there is truly no point in donating.
Before selecting the charity for donating your car, you must find out the efficiency rating of the charitable organization. The efficiency rating will tell you their ability and capacity.