Decisions What to Keep, Toss, or Donate

The hardest part for most people when cleaning out their closets is to decide what should go back in.  Most how-to articles advise that if you haven't worn something within one year it is safe to let it go.  A year seems like a long time to wait and see if you should be keeping it.  Unless it is a seasonal item that can only be worn in the summer or winter, six months is realistic guideline for frequency of use.  If you haven't put on a pair of jeans in six months for whatever reason, you shouldn't be making space for them in your newly organized closet.

Now that you have your pile of clothes that you have decided you no longer need, what should you do with them?  The two common places for these items is the trash bag or a donation bin.  How you decide which of the two should receive each item depends on the reason you are giving it up or haven't worn it.  

You should toss any items that are stained, ripped, worn, or any other flaw that makes the garment unsuitable.  If you can't abide with the thought of throwing out clothing, consider cutting up shirts for cleaning rags.  You can also cut up denim jeans for patches ñ decorative or functional.  One of the few places that may take donations of clothing such as this is a nursing home.  If you take the time to cut up the clothing, getting rid of any stains and tears, the fabric could be reused for a quilt.

If the clothing you no longer want or need can still be worn, it can be donated.  Items that fall into this category are pieces that no longer fit, you no longer care for the style or you have too many of the same item.